Raising a Dog

Bathing and cleanliness Tips

  1. Use Life's Abundance Shampoo for their entire life. We dilute the shampoo with 80-90% water for easier application. We recommend a bath before bedtime every night for the first 2 weeks to help the pup assimilate into his/her new surroundings and to quickly bond with his/her new family.
  2. Bathe them frequently to ensure they stay acclimated to water. This also helps them to bond quickly with you
  3. ALWAYS use tepid or room temp water, NOT cold water out of the house and NOT hot warm.
  4. Do NOT hold your pup down when bathing, instead block their exit. They will be much calmer and less resistant to their bath
  5. Another option is to take showers with your pup. We them and then soap them down, while you continue with your shower. By the time you are done they are almost rinsed off and ready to be dried. Or if you prefer, you can bathe them in the bath tub. Sometimes the noise of the water running will startle them at first, so for this reason we suggest you fill the tub prior to introducing them to the bathtub.
  6. Be sure to towel dry your pup so they do not get chilled. You can also use a hair blower if you prefer. They will need to become acclimated to the noise and the action of the blowing, so be sensitive to this, as it may startle them initially until they understand what is going on.
  7. Brush your Pup's teeth. They have finger brushes that are VERY easy to use and if you start this process while they are young, they will learn to love this interaction and at the same time their teeth will stay in beautiful condition.
    Life's Abundance also makes a Dental Treat that releases live enzymes into the mouth as the soft cookie breaks apart. The enzymes will continue to clean the teeth long after the cookie itself has been digested. We have experienced white teeth just one week after giving our dogs their daily cookie.
  8. Trim their nails as needed. If you hear them click as they walk, they are too long. If you want to try and take care of this yourself, you will need to purchase a pair of puppy or kitten nail clippers. Puppy nails have a ridge underneath them where if you pull the clippers along the nail, they will grab on this ridge. this is the spot where you will clip the nail.

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Crate Training Instructions for Nighttime

  1. Purchase an enclosed plastic crate (not wire) just large enough for the pup to sleep in comfortably.
  2. Give your pup a nice warm bath before bedtime during the first two weeks after you bring him/her home.
  3. Towel dry your pup until they are reasonably dry
  4. Quietly rock (no talking) them for about 10 minutes
  5. Place them in their crate, wrapped in a dry towel if you like
  6. Place the crate next to your bed, where you can drop down your hand for comforting, if necessary
  7. Cover the crate with a towel or blanket (den atmosphere)

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How to House Break Your Pup During the Day

Be prepared to set aside 2 full days to devote to this most import training for your pup as follows:
  1. Purchase a leash with a loop handle
  2. Thread the clip end of the leash through the loop handle to make a slip knot
  3. Put the slip knot over the pup's head in the same way you would do with a collar
  4. Take the clip end and clip to one of your belt loops Go about your daily tasks, taking care to walk slowly enough for the pup to stay with you
  5. Pay particular attention to your pup if he/she starts to stray away from you. this is an indication that they may have to use the restroom.
  6. once you establish when they are eliminating, take them outside every hour for about 15-20 minutes so that they have plenty of time to take care of this if needed
  7. Running around with them and having them chase after you will help to speed up the need for elimination

Note: Typically pups will poop twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. This time coincides with the times they consume their largest meals for the day, typically at dawn and dusk. Although we advocate free feeding, they will naturally consume more food at these two times of the day.

They will preform both events, pee and poop, usually within 10-15 minutes of each other, so you need to allow time for this activity. These activities most often follow shortly after they have eaten something

Pups do not want to lie in their own poop, so they will move away from where they are lying to eliminate and then come back to their comfort zone. If they are quietly lying at your feet, or sitting on your lap, you have very little to fear at that point. However, if they get up and start moving around, you want to pay particular attention and if you think they need to eliminate, carry them to the proper area.

A word with regards to Puppy Pads and Potty Patches. My feeling is that the goal is to get them to eliminate outside, so why would you want to teach them to go indoors? I think this can be very confusing to a pup and I'm not so sure hat they can make the distinction between puppy pads and towels, or puppy pads and lines, etc. To my way of thinking, it is much easier to not ever get that habit of going indoors started in the first place

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To Ensure A Wonderful Disposition

  1. Do NOT rough house with your pup at ALL until they are 6 months old. this is their formative period where there are learning about their wold and their interpersonal relationships with others.
  2. Remember the way you treat them now will determine the way they treat YOU when they are 50+ pounds
  3. Do NOT encourage them to jump up. It's cute now, but will it it be cute at 50+ pounds when they have muddy paws and you are on your way to work?
  4. All humans and smaller animals need to maintain dominance over this pup. If small children and animals cannot do this alone, you need to intervene.
  5. 90% of all deviant behavior in dogs can be cured by a daily walk. If they are misbehaving, they typically are not getting enough exercise.
  6. No matter what size yard you have, the dog is NOT going to exercise itself! They need daily human interaction!
  7. Do NOT acknowledge your pup when he is overly excited. You do NOT want to reward this excited behavior. Wait until they calm down and then show them love and attention. They will understand that in order to get your attention, they need to be calm and quiet.
  8. Do NOT take your pup OFF of your property UNTIL after they have received their last puppy shot. They are NOT fully inoculated until this time.
  9. the absolute places to pick up Canine disease is at PetSmart, your vet's office, the beach or a dog park. Make sure your inoculations are complete prior to these type of establishments, if at all possible.
  10. If you have to take them to the vet before inoculations are complete, place them in a crate and do NOT allow other people to touch them. the best way to transmit disease, especially in a vet office, is for one person to go around and let every dog in the place lick their hand

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Benefits of Free-Feeding Your Pup

  1. Your pup has been free-fed dry kibble their entire life, and therefore the do NOT see that it is anything special. They will grab a bite here and there, but will NOT scarf it down.
  2. Your pup will NEVER overeat and has already learned to regulate their appetite to their nutritional needs
  3. If you want to go to scheduled feeding at dawn and dusk, make sure you are NEVER late. This can cause them to go into a starvation mode, whereby they will start to scarf down the food to the point they will overeat and throw it back up, for fear that it won't be there when they need it.
  4. Gide to the proper weight of your pup
    Under weight: If you can SEE their ribs
    Perfect weight: If you can FEEL their ribs but NOT see them
    Over weight: If you CANNOT FEEL their ribs

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Puppy Food

We are currently feeding and highly recommend Life's Abundance brand puppy/dog for life! If you continue to feed this food, we will upgrade you pup's guarantee to 8-years.

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We Do Not Recommend Switching Dog Food Ever for the Following Reasons

  1. You will not find a better feed on the market today! Life's Abundance is grain free (no soy, no wheat, no corn, no white rice), and is gluten free.
  2. Not sold in stores - delivered direct to your door, fresh within 6 weeks of being made. Sign up for automatic shipments and save more!
  3. Made in small frequent batches - all ingredients are fresh
  4. Formulated by a vet, Dr Jane Bicks who devoted her life to nutrition (pharmaceutical background) - she won 3 presidential award citations, has written 4 books, has been on numerous TV shows, and she opened the largest animal rescue foundation in America.
  5. All USA ingredients, USA made
  6. No recalls ever! Life's Abundance is the only pet food company in the US that can make this claim!
  7. Company in business for over 14 years
  8. APHIS certified - all ingredients are fit for human consumption
  9. No by-products
  10. Contains probiotics and probiotics
  11. Contains chelated minerals - which increases absorption by 45%
  12. Contains antioxidants, natural enzymes, etc.
  13. Farm raised cat fish - no pcbs, mercury, arsenic, dioxins, lead, etc.
  14. Horomone-free chicken

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